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ALFREDO RODRIGUEZ, obras, cuadros, pinturas.

¡Vámonos al oeste!

   Alfredo Rodríguez, Pintor hiperrealista nacido en Tepic, México, en 1954. Cuando contaba seis años, su madre le regaló un juego de acuarelas, ese regalo marcaría su vida.

   Sus temas preferidos son los paisajes y recrear la vida en las llanuras, montañas y cabañas norteamericanas; sus protagonistas suelen ser indios, cazadores, exploradores, tramperos, granjeros, buscadores de oro, vaqueros, animales y paisajes. Consiguiendo siempre un gran realismo y retratando espléndidos paisajes, recreando escenas llenas de vida y color que dan casi tanta resolución como una buena fotografía.

   Actualmente reside en Corona (California, USA) donde se trasladó a vivir en 1979. Y es miembro de la prestigiosa asociación americana “Indians and Cowboy Artists”.


The Toy Wagon Maker,
24" x 30" Oil.

Lessons With Grandpa,
36" x 24" Oil.

Grateful Hearts,
16" x 24" Oil.

Hunting by the Aspens,
24" x 36" Oil.

Colorado Gold Rush,
40" x 60" Oil.

New Arrows,
36" x 24" Oil.

Sharing The Light,
40” x 30” Oil.

They Are Coming Duke,
16" x 20" Oil.

Bringing His Bride Home,
36" x 24" Oil.

Vision Seekers,
48” x 36” Oil.

Family News,
18" x 24" Oil.

Our Father. 18" x 24". Oil.

Preserving Tradition.

The Water Hole.

It's Getting Cold.

Daughters of Nature.


Golden Flowers.

Music in the Canyon.

Making the Navajo Tortilla.

Rhapsody in Pink and Blue. 

Gold Seekers (Buscadores de oro).


Snow Bird.

Taller Tales. 

The Liar’s Club.

High Country Neighbors.

Explorando el Territorio. 
30" x 40" Oil.

Sunshine Before the Rain.

Chinamen at the Diggings. 30” x 40” Oil.

Her New Necklace.

Daddy's Girl.

A Look Beyond.

A Spoonful Of Sugar.

I´m Cold Mommy.

Little Blossom.

Two Little Dolls.

Little Red Flower.

On Top of The World.

The Shy One. 24" X 12". Oil.

Mineros Californianos.

In Search of the Golden.

Lone Trapper. 

Hunting by the Gunnison River. 

Beating the Chill Factor.

The Search is On.

The 49er.

In Search of Gold.

Taking a Break.

Running Out Of Time.

A Miner Frustration. 36" x 24". Oil.

An Old Prospector and His Little Friend.
36" X 24" Oil.

The Old Prospector.


The Last Stretch Home.

El Burrito. 

By Rivers and Valleys.

The Wild Bunch.

First Steps.

Cold Hands, Warm Hearts.

The Wind Beneath.

Sign - Talk.

Home School.

Falling Asleep.

Always Friends.

One at a Time.

Shawntay's Friend.

Excitement at the Navajo Horse Race.

Homeward Bound.

Beauty and the Beast.

The New Arrival.

Aspen Flower. 

Early Snow.

Shining Light.

Shining Light II.

La bella madre, con sus hijas.

A Navajo Wedding.

Visiting Grandma.

El  pequeño indio cuidando el rebaño.

Leyendo el pasado.

Cuando el abuelo habla.

Target Practice.


Sioux Scouts.


A Prayer for the Buffalo.

A Sioux Gentleman.

Autumn Song.

Buffalo Hunter.
Grandpa’s Old War Bonnet.

Man of Many Stories.

Profile of a Chief.

Red Wolf.

Eagle Feathers.

Return of the Old Hunter.

Riding with the Chief.

The Buffalo Caller.

Land of the Buffalo.

Vision Seekers.

The Finishing Touch.

The Farewell.

The Yellow Rose.

Afternoon Wading. 20" x 16". Oil.

Una Flor entre las Flores.

Mother's Day.

Drawn to the Light.

The Big Apple.

A Big Step.


At the Rose Garden.

Early Morning Coffe. 24" x 30". Oil.

Teddy Bears and Day Dreams.

Colores del Mercado.

Naranjas Mexicanas.

The Trail Boss.

Age, Wisdom and Tall Tales.


Not Exactly the Mona Lisa.

Old Miner.

Listo para montar.

Trail Fire.

Hot Meal of the Day.

The Letter.

News from Home.

After the Rendezvous.

A Gift for My Wife.

At Day's End.
Bringing the Furs.

Cold Trials.

Many Miles to the Rendezvous.

Winter Travelers.

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